Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~entry ini utk colleague Trend KYM~

Entry tiada kaitan dgn wedding scr amnyer... But act I quit from this Job IS BECAUSE my wedding... Need to find job yg dekat ngan incik tunang..Heeheheheheehhehe...

Joined this company since 14.7.2010.. 3days after my LI end at nice malacca. So almost 9 month before... Working environment with the luvly colleague... The best thing is My Accounts team. They all very nice & help each other.. Feel sad to leave here.But then we need to move on to find the better wants..

Will miss this place so much! Cause they make me lough & cheer when the fierce boss came & scold me!..


with our luvly manager

this time mase ngage..

Neway realy will luv u all so much.. Wish me luck at the new place..

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